• My paper SynCRF: Syntax-based Conditional Random Field for TRIZ parameter mining has been accepted for publication at ICAART2024 in Roma,

  • Ines Jorge has defended her PhD Maintenance prévisionnelle des batteries Li-Ion dans les véhicules électriques à base d’apprentissage automatique[Link].new

  • I have defended my HDR on november 23rd 2023. See details here. new

  • The Horizon Europe project ENERGETIC, that I am coordinating, has been accepted. Take a look at it here .new

About Me

Dr. Ahmed Samet is an associate professor HDR with the Institut des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg and Data Science and Knowledge Group at ICube laboratory, Strasbourg, France. He holds an M.S (2010 in Computer Science from the University of Tunis-ELManar, Tunisia and a Ph.D (2014) in Computer Science from University of Artois, France under the supervision of Prof. Eric Lefèvre.

Research Topics

Uncertainty Modeling 90%
Machine Learning under Uncertainty 70%
Data Mining70%
Industry 4.0 70%
Image Processing 40%
Declarative Programming 15%
Argumentation 10%
Supply Chain Network Design10%


Ongoing Ph.D. thesis

  • Théo Heitzmann (2022-2025): eXPlainable electric Mobility Liuthium-ion bAttery prognostic for iNtelligent lifetime Extension, funded by the XPLANE région Grand Est and ADEME project

  • Slimane Arbaoui (2023-2026):Multimodal explainable prediction for industry 4.0 : Application on electric mobility and quality assurance, funded by the Horizon Europe ENERGETIC and the ANR XQUALÌTY projects

  • Marwa Zitouni (2023-2026): Explainable Knowledge based diagnostic for Lithium-ion Batteries, funded by the Horizon Europe ENERGETIC project

  • Yusif Imamverdiyev (2023-2026): Prédiction précise des performances des batteries lithium-ion à l’aide d’une approche de modélisation hybride multi-physique et axée sur les données, funded by the ecole doctorale ED269

Defended Ph.D. thesis

  • Qiushi Cao (2017-2020): Semantic Technologies for the Modeling of Distributed Preventive Maintenance for a SME Network in the Framework of Industry 4.0, funded by the interreg halfback project

  • Ni Xin (2018-2021):Inventive Solutions Retrieval from Patent documents via Natural Language Processing, funded by a chinese scholarship

  • Ines Jorge (2019-2023): Predictive Prognostics for Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Vehicle Applications, funded by the interreg halfback and vehicle projects

  • Guillaume Guarino (2019-2022): Extracting knowledge from unstructured texts to populate the inventive design ontology, funded by INSA Strasbourg scholarship

My Publications

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Ph.D thesis (in french)

My thesis (in french)

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